Intuitive and spiritual guidance

Coaching, intuitive and spiritual guidance

At present, coaching, intuitive and spiritual guidance are given only in Swedish

A coaching / guidance can be carried out both through a physical meeting and remotely through a telephone call.

You can get coaching / guidance in really any area. It can be, for example:

  • Your life situation: How are your thoughts, are they positive or negative? Do you want to make a change, you do not know how to make it?
  • Health: What is needed to improve your health? How are you feeling mentally? How is your body?
  • Work: What are you passionate about? You want to make a career, but how?
  • Love and relationships: Your love relationship does not work. You've lost a lot of friends?
  • And so on.....

Spiritual and intuitive guidance

Anna-Maria offers guidance on an in-depth level, simply what your soul wants to tell you in order to create balance and a loving life for you. An intuitive and spiritual guidance means that Anna-Maria takes help of her intuitive ability during the guidance. This means that she moves the guidance forward through what your soul tells you it needs for the moment. In this guide, she invites your spiritual guides and also angels to participate. A guidance is like a conversation where we stop and go deeper if there is something that needs to be resolved in terms of energy. During this session, Anna-Maria will receive messages from your spiritual guides who have tips and advice that they want her to convey to you.

Intuitive guidance

The content is the same as above, but here Anna-Maria does not invite the spiritual guides. It is you as a customer who decides whether they should join or not. Otherwise, it works in the same way as spiritual and intuitive guidance.


You know what you want to achieve and you have a clear goal. Here, Anna-Maria can help you find new paths and new angles to get where you want to go.

She makes it easier for you to get where you want to go, helps you lead yourself to come to insights to reach your goal. Areas Anna-Maria can support you with are the same as above.

Anna-Maria has a university degree in supervision / coaching, which gives you as a customer security in the meeting with her.

It also helps Anna-Maria to do a professional job


Spiritual and intuitive guidance, intuitive guidance and coaching

30 minutes: 500 sek/€50

60 minutes: 800 sek/€80

120 minutes: 1250 sek/€125

Full duty of confidentiality applies

For terms and payment information, see the contact page