Anna-Maria and the art

Throughout her life, Anna-Maria has devoted herself to some form of creative expression, such as singing, writing, textiles, form and color. She found painting when she signed up for a course in Vedic Art. On the course she painted her first painting, since then there has been no return. Anna-Maria says: "Painting has changed me and my life".

Anna-Maria continues: I get inspiration from life, nature and music. Painting gives me peace, energy and confidence in life. Confidence that life is arranged just like the journey across the canvas. Painting has taught me that it all starts with a point. Was not the journey across the canvas or in life as I hoped, I can always start with a new point and the journey takes new paths. Nothing can go wrong, it just gets different.

Anna-Maria paints in acrylic with elements of other materials found in nature such as dried seeds from flowers, grass and sand but also things that are around us in everyday life. In Anna-Maria's paintings with structure is a common feature pages from an old bible sometimes in combination with dried flower seeds.



2013    Galleri 40, Hornsgatan Stockholm. Solo exhibition

2013    Spånga Konstförening, Stockholm. Group exhibition

2014    Summer exhibition Visby. Solo exhibition

2015    Gallery Rune Vallström Karlsson, Stockholm. Solo exhibition

2016    Summer exhibition, Hallfreda Hotel Gotland. Solo exhibition

2016    Gotland Art Week

2017    The Light From the North, Edsviken Konsthall Stockholm.                                       Jury-rated Group exhibition

2018    Art Shopping Expo - Paris - Carrousel du Louvre. Jury-rated Group exhibition

2019    Tatinis Art Show, Singapore. Group exhibition

2019    Galleri Engleson; Göteborg. Group exhibition

2019    Bättre Konst:s Showroom. Solo exhibition

2020    Almhaga Art Gallery; Påskrundan Skåne; Group exhibition

2020    FoKo - Art to Go; Stockholm; Virtual och physical Group exhibition

2020    Almhaga Art Gallery; Konst i pingst; Group exhibition

2021    Galleria La Pigna; Rom; ( IM ) POSSIBILITIES; Group exhibition

2021    June - November; Flyer Art Gallery; Word Wide Art Show - Florens och Rom

2021    Gallery Stenhallen; Borgholm Öland; Jury-rated Group exhibition

2021    Art Basel; Art Screen TV and Artsy; Group exhibition

2021    Florence Biennale; Italien; Art Screen Tv and Artsy; Digital Group exhibition

2021    November; International Sunboat Exhibition; Nilen Egypten: Group                         exhibition

2021    Galleri Greger, Stockholm; Solo exhibition

2022    Januari; Exhibition Mallorca; Almhaga Art Gallery

2022    April; Art Expo New York

2021 -  2023 Artsy; Art Screen Tv


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