WELCOME to me and my world of art, well-being and pedagogy ....

An important and central part of my own life is my art. Art gives me meaning, good energies and joy. I am extremely happy that my art brings joy to people around the world and not just to myself. Feel free to look at my art page where I tell you more about my own art journey, there you can also look at my art. If you want to buy a painting or if you have any questions about my art, you are warmly welcome to contact me.

As I wrote, art gives me very good energies and it is the case that everything in our life consists of energies, what is within us and what is outside us. The energies can affect us positively and they can affect us negatively depending on what frequency they have and how we react to them.

In my world, the interaction between body and soul is extremely important for us to have a physical, mental and spiritual body that has a good and balanced energy. Simply a prosperous and fantastic life. A life where we find balance and where we have found our unique life tasks. Where we find joy, gratitude and understanding for life.

I offer to guide you through your own life journey. To help you find your joy and your life task but also your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, which is unique to you. My way of helping you find this is through conversations, intuitive guidance and through healing treatments.

After many years in the school world, where I worked as a special educator, I also offer pedagogical guidance, both individual guidance and guidance for staff groups. It can involve guidance on attitudes, methodology and didactics. There is the opportunity for individual coaching for teachers and other staff.

I can also offer my knowledge about the preparation of pedagogical investigations and action programs.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my art, my services or if you want to book an appointment.


An egg or a seed is the beginning of all life.

A new life is the greatest love you can give to the world.

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Life energy

When your inner loving light shines brightly and without boundaries, there is no longer anything that can stop you from going your own unique way of life.

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School / Pedagogy

Being involved in seeing staff in the school develop and thus giving the students the best conditions in their learning is a huge benefit.

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