Healing treatments

Healing - the body's help for recovery

At present, healing treatments are given only in Swedish

In our body there is an energy center called the chakra system which consists of seven different chakras. Each chakra is in turn connected to different parts and organs of the body. When the flow of energy in and between these chakras does not flow freely, imbalances and blockages occur in the body and in the various organs, which can make you ill.

Healing helps to resolve internal blockages and imbalances so that the energies can flow freely in the body and that you get help to get in touch with your own life force and your true self. Help find your unique light and your potential. The body gets a boost to heal itself, to reduce cortisol levels and to relieve pain. A healing always works at the cellular level. The body knows what it needs its healing best, which Anna-Maria feels, several treatments may often be needed. Healing can be seen as peeling an onion, to access certain symptoms you need to work your way through the layers to get to the core of the problem.

Anna-Maria's unique healing is a loving collaboration between you, her and your and her guides. This means that she interprets for you what your body says to her during the treatment. She also conveys messages from her and your guides what you need to do to recover and find your mental and spiritual truth.

Each treatment begins with a conversation, so that you as a client have the opportunity to relax and feel safe. During the treatment, you lie on a treatment bench and Anna-Maria touches all the body's chakras and the places on the body that she feels they need to heal. She always tells you before what will happen and what you can experience during the treatment and after the treatment and the days that follow.

Anna-Maria also gives healing treatments at a distance, something that is as powerful as a physical healing. Each such treatment begins with a first telephone call and a subsequent call.


Healing 800 sek/€80

Distance healing 800 sek/€80

Full duty of confidentiality applies

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