About Anna-Maria 

Anna-Maria was born and raised in a farming family in the Gotland countryside. Deep inside the forest, her home was in a small village with 5 farms, those who lived there had known each other for generations. A child in that village was everyone's child, and the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" was a matter of course. The proximity to nature, the forest, the meadows and lakes and nature's annual cycle have shaped her into who she is. In the forest and in the meadow she could be who she was born to be. There she could lie and watch the clouds and the sun, there she talked to the elves dancing around her. There in the forest glade she was allowed to be at peace, with herself there she felt like a free soul and she understood early on that she was one with the big picture.

She grew up and began to work professionally in agriculture, first as an employee and then as a self-employed person with her then husband. Over the years, she has also worked as a shop assistant, hotel cleaner, personal assistant and carer.

In the middle of her life, she trained as a teacher and moved in connection with her degree to the mainland and the western side of Sweden and then to Stockholm. There she worked as a teacher and as a special educator for many years. In 2020, she moved back to Gotland after 17 years on the mainland.

Anna-Maria has always been spiritual and received energy and guidance through her spirituality. As for many others, life has not always turned out for the easy and some periods in her life have been really tough. It was during such a period that she found the healing for the first time, through it she got help to move on in her own life. This led to her training in Reiki healing and in connection with this, her intuitive and spiritual ability also developed. When she meets her clients today, she takes help of her powerful intuition and also has a loving and close collaboration with her spiritual guides and the angels around us. She then also has great help from her university education in supervision / coaching.

A number of years later, she found her artistry, which changed her entire life. From the time she has never held an artist's brush, painting became a necessity of life. It became a channel for her to convey the beauty that is around us, but also to make us perceive what we cannot see with the naked eye. For Anna-Maria, nature is an important source of inspiration. As part of the painting, a longing came to exhibit her art to an audience and Anna-Maria had her first exhibition in 2013. She has now exhibited at Edsvikens Konsthall in Stockholm, Carouselle Du Louvre in Paris and in April 2022 participates she at the Art Expo in New York.

Nowadays, she combines her passion, painting and art with the desire to help other people. She does this through intuitive and spiritual healing and guidance / coaching. She finds it difficult to quit her teaching job and also works with supervision / coaching within the school area.

Nature is still a source of harmony and energy for Anna-Maria, spirituality is also with her as an obvious part of life. A really good day for Anna-Maria is a day in symbiosis with the sea, the wind and the horizon. Then her freedom-thirsty soul is nourished and she feels that she is one with the whole.