Healing, guidance and coaching - what customers say

Gravel in the machinery?

Yes, you could compare it to when the energies can not flow freely in the body!

Due to old experiences of all kinds that settle in the body as stop blocks, many can experience unexplained pain, resistance in different ways and different disease symptoms.

For example, I myself had shoulder problems several years ago and a few other "small and good". The shoulder problem managed to develop into a frozen shoulder that I walked and pulled with for a long time. In the end, I could not lift one arm more than straight out to the side or straight forward. Not up at all.

But then I started talking a bit with Anna-Maria about healing, because I was curious to try. And I wanted to turn to someone really professional and serious.

The magic of it all was that my frozen shoulder started to get better just by we started talking to each other about booking a distance healing and about how it would go and what it would mean! Absolutely crazy! And of course it got even better after the healing itself. I can now almost lift my arm completely straight up! Wonderfully!

The healing itself was extremely relaxing and pleasant and in addition, Anna-Maria does not give "only healing" when she gives healing, but you then get to take part in lots of messages and tips that she receives during the process. Very valuable!

So I can highly recommend Anna-Maria when it comes to healing!

Anna-Maria is not only very professional when it comes to healing, she is also an absolutely fantastic artist, a wonderful person and a loving soul! ”

                                                                           Annelie from Södermanland County