Life Energy

Balance, joy and well-being ...

At present, intuitive guidance and healing treatments are given only in Swedish

Did you know that everything within us and around us consists of energies, both positive and less positive. Like for example. our home, the flowers, nature, society, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, etc. consist of some form of energy. Our thoughts and the words we use also consist of energies of various kinds. If we think positive thoughts, it affects our health and in the same way we are affected by our negative thoughts. Even water is affected by the energies to which they are exposed. As we humans consist of 60% water, we are greatly affected by the energies around us.

Energies that exist around us, but also the energies that exist in our mind and not least in our subconscious, affect our physical body, our mental well-being and our consciousness. If our chakras work as they should, the energies flow freely in our body and we are harmonious, feel good and are healthy. We simply have a positive flow of life, where we have contact with ourselves on a physical, spiritual and mental level.

When there are limitations in our chakra system and in the energies of the body, our lives getting worse. It can manifest itself as disease symptoms of various kinds, we get problems with mental health and our life energy can stop. We may experience that we do not get our lives in order and that we stop up in our lives. The reasons why the energies do not flow freely can be many and can be caused by both physical and mental blockages. It is not uncommon for us that we not to know the cause and it may be deep manifested inside your subconscious.

  • Have you reached a point where you feel you need help finding your balance, joy and harmony?
  • Do you have physical ailments that need help to heal themselves?
  • Do you need help finding your way back to your strengths and your overall health?
  • Do you want to find your way back to your core, your true self, become strong and aware of your life path and get in touch with your spiritual consciousness?

Through healing, coaching and intuitive / spiritual guidance, Anna-Maria can help you move forward in life, find your strength and help you find tools on how to act for a healthier life and greater well-being.

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